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FreeCharge Portable Power Source - Blue
More info
FreeCharge Portable Power Source - Yellow
Regular price:$57.45
Sale price:$27.15
Availability : Usually ships the same business day


The FreeChargetm
Wind-up energy pack for mobile phones

This breakthrough product puts an end to the dead mobile phone, providing full phone usage no matter when you last charged your phone, or how much you use it. Designed for busy people on the move who want to stay in touch - business trips, car trips, the outdoors, hiking, boating, fishing, camping, the FreeCharge provides assured contact, safety and convenience for you and your family.

The FreeCharge comprises a rugged generator unit, built to industrial standards, which is connected to your phone via a plug-in adaptor module. This adaptor module is matched to the exact electronic needs of your model phone, so the FreeCharge can be used for multiple phones, by plugging in the correct adaptor module for your model phone. Adaptor modules supplied with the FreeCharge are for:

Nextel  i90, i95, i30, i50, i55, i85,

Motorola V70, V66/66i, V60/60i, T720, T280/280i

Nokia - most nokia phones

The FreeCharge provides the option of two power sources: an internal rechargeable battery and a unique and reliable wind-up option for failsafe power anywhere, anytime. The internal battery stores the energy input from either power source, providing the convenience of an extra battery that you can recharge wherever and whenever you like. So not only do you carry extra power, but you can recharge it when it suits you.

  Approximately 45 seconds of winding will allow 4 - 6 minutes of talk time and several hours of standby time. It works in a linear manner so that the more you wind, the more power you put into the unit.

The FreeCharge is equipped with an LED charge input indicator, which tells you how fast to wind, and a remaining charge indicator to let you know if energy is still left in the unit. The FreeCharge can be energized by wall-charging and car-charging (through your phone's normal adapters), as well as by rotating the winding handle. This energy is stored in the FreeCharge's internal battery, which is approximately equivalent to the phone's battery in power and performance. You can make and receive calls when your phone is connected to the FreeCharge. When your phone is charged, just disconnect it.

  The FreeCharge is built to fit into the palm of your hand and to be large enough to comfortably energize the unit through a robust winding handle.

      Click here to download the FAQ sheet on the FreeCharge.  (FAQ sheet is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

Size: 14.5cm long x 5cm high x 6cm deep

Weight: 230g

 Motorola Part No: 98418   ( SPN5018A &  SPN5000A )

Color: Yellow

Product Characteristics

Model # : MFC-98419
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